P & C News


Please place all money on one side of the wallet and the tokens on the other. It really helps us to place wandering wallets in the correct class bag if your child’s class number is clearly visible. Stickers can be replaced every year when your child’s class changes. Please ensure all details are written in the deposit book. We waste lots of time filling in slips! If you have requested a reward and it doesn’t arrive after a fortnight it may be because your child has not made enough deposits to claim the reward or the item requested is no longer available or you ordered a Term 4 prize in Term 2.

Please write a note to us and we will endeavour to reply. We regret to inform you that the flying snake tails and mud splat balls are now removed from the portal as demand was very high. Term 3 rewards will be available soon as well as the remaining Term 1, Term 2 rewards. Some 2015 rewards are still available. Check out the school banking website for details. Lastly, welcome to all our new school bankers and to those of you who have returned. Your support towards our P&C projects by simply banking each week is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, Banking Coordinators


Thank you to all my wonderful volunteers this fortnight: Gemma, Tammy, Nicole, Sara, Sharron, Lisa, Danusha, Bev and Alyssa. Friday, 1st July is the last day of term so we’re having an end of term treat of Eagle Boys Pizza. Every child should have received an order form by now, if not you can get one from the front office or canteen. Orders are due in next Tuesday, 28th June. Next term, we are trialling the canteen opening 3 days a week, along with a new menu. The canteen will be open Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Everyone will receive the new menu soon. Don‟t forget you can order your child’s lunch online, go to www.ouronlinecanteen.com.au to find out more.

Thank you for your support,  Georgina


Entertainment Books:

Don‟t forget if you haven’t returned your entertainment book or the payment for the book, please do so ASAP. If you have returned your book but have had second thoughts and would like to purchase one, it’s not too late! Please pick-up an order form from the front office.

Quiz Night:

Thank you to everyone who attended the Quiz Night on Saturday Night. A great night was had by all with lots of great prizes given away and raffles won. Urgent whispers and hushing were frequently heard as tables debated their answers to some quite tricky questions. The mini table quizzes had many scratching their heads as their tried to answer riddles, match flags to countries and unscramble celebrity names, among other mind benders. The evening raised a total of $1,800.89. Thank you to P&C members and parents who helped to make this night a success.