P & C News


On Friday evening, 16th October, our Undercover Area reverberated with a disco beat and pulsing lighting as students went into party mode. It was great to see disco divas and rappers, showing their fitness and dancing skills as they rocked to music and games of DJ David.
Congratulations and thank you to our P&C fundraising committee for organising this fun event – it was a huge hit with our students!
Thank you to everyone who supported the disco.


Keep an eye out for the Living Christmas Card Fundraiser. Order forms will be sent home Week 2 of Term 4. Each card includes special seed-embedded paper. The paper can be planted to grow Swan River Daisies. The cards will be sold in packs of 4 at a cost of $6 a pack. All proceeds will go towards the 2017 Year 6 camp.


Welcome back everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your break. The canteen will again be operating on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays this term.
With the warmer weather on its way, the only change to the menu is that sushi will be available instead of soup. Sushi will be available every Friday but MUST be ordered by the previous Wednesday. Sushi is available in the following varieties: Tuna, Teriyaki, Chicken, California, Vegetable and Combination. A 3 piece pack is $3 and a five piece box is $4.50.
Thank you for your support
Georgina, Canteen Manager