Congratulations to our Interschool Cross Country Team – champions three years in a row, WOW!!

What an amazing job our team did to take out the overall win. They all ran their absolute best, with running conditions made more challenging after all the rain left big swampy areas and even a small creek to run through.

In this event, all the runners scores are counted in the final result, so it was a fantastic team effort and several age groups had four runners finishing inside the top twelve.

A special congratulations to Serena, Room 18, who won the Year 6 Girls division. Lara, Room 18, finished second and Jasmine, Room 18, finished third. The Year 4 girls and Year 5 boys teams both were the top of their age divisions, well done!

A special congratulations to those who ran in the top four in their age groups, this was a considerable achievement.

Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Isla, Room 14: 2nd Heath, Room 17: 2nd Serena, Room 18: 1st
Matilda, Room 14: 3rd Jackson, Room 14: 4th Lara, Room 18: 2nd
Val, Room 12: 3rd Jasmine, Room 18: 3rd
Sara, Room 13: 4th Kristian, Room 16: 3rd