Camp 2019: clothing & equipment list

Camp 2019: clothing and equipment list

• All clothing and belongings should be labelled with a name.
• No phones or electronic devices allowed.
• No money or food is necessary.
• Send an assortment of clothing that can easily be layered if it is cold or removed if it warms up.
Soft travel bag only, no suitcases as we have limited space for storage.

Clothes for camp: enough for four days, include shorts, singlets,
t-shirts, long pants, jumpers and jackets and bathers.
Underwear/socks: enough for four days
Toiletries: towel, soap, toothbrush, hair brush, deodorant etc.(no sprays please)
Footwear: old sneakers, thongs
Other: torch, camera, plastic bag for dirty or wet clothing, raincoat, beanie, hat, water bottle.

Bedding you must bring:
Sleeping bag
If a sleeping bag does not suit your child a sheet and doona.

Click here to download a copy of this list.