Out of Hours School Care (OHSC) onsite at Bannister Creek Primary School

Our service contract with Helping Hands concludes this term.  We have taken the opportunity to review the contract and have talked with a range of OHSC providers.  After much consideration, our School Board has endorsed the decision to partner with Camp Australia to deliver our before and after school and holiday club programs.  The Helping Hands program will cease on the last day of the July holidays, Friday19th July.  Camp Australia OSHC will commence on the first day of Term 3, Monday 22nd July.

The decision to change providers has not been taken lightly and was based on increased partnership links and resources provided to the school.  We are working closely with Helping Hands and Camp Australia to ensure continuity, clear communication and support to families using the service.  Our children are the priority, as we transition to a new provider.

You can register for an account and manage your bookings at campaustralia.com.au or call their Customer Service Team on 1300 105 343.