Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear parents and carers

I would like to share with you some current information on the school’s response to the COVID-19 situation.

Bannister Creek Primary is remaining alert, but not alarmed.

The following information is being shared regularly with our students:

  • Frequently washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, or using an alcohol-based hand gel
  • Refraining from touching mouth and nose
  • If coughing or sneezing, covering your nose and mouth with a paper tissue or flexed elbow.
  • Dispose of the tissue immediately after use.

In regards to international travel, if any student or family member travels from or transits through the countries listed below, please notify the school upon your return.

To support these messages, I have initiated daily inspections of all toilets on the school site, to ensure they are being kept clean with ample supplies of soap and disposable hand towel.

Higher Risk Moderate Risk
Can attend school, but self-monitor Can attend school, but self-monitor
Italy Cambodia
Must isolate for 14 days prior to attending Hong Kong
Mainland China Indonesia (including Bali)
Iran Japan
Republic of Korea Singapore

Further information is available at or the health direct helpline on 1800 020 080 for more information on the virus and its symptoms.

I will continue to provide the school community with information as it becomes available.


Travis Miller