Parent update 05/06/2020

I want to thank and congratulate everyone for your support in following the COVID guidelines and processes we have had in place this term. Together, we have been able to make the best of this situation and ensure your child’s safety and continuity of learning.

At Bannister Creek we averaged 92% attendance this week.

All students are expected to attend school unless they are unwell or have a medical certificate.

As you may be aware the  State Government has relaxed further restrictions and progressed to Phase 3 of the WA Roadmap to recovery. In line with the latest Health advice current Western Australian Public School Term 2 arrangements have been reviewed.

One of the changes is that parents / carers and visitors may come on to school sites to attend pre-arranged meetings and for drop off and pick up purposes from Monday 8 June. (This should be limited to a maximum of 100 people with physical distancing of one person per 2 square metres and good hygiene practices applied).

What does that mean for me as a parent / carer at Bannister Creek PS?

Kindergarten: Children are to be dropped-off and picked-up from the Kindergarten classroom using the front gate bordering the Early Childhood car park. Parents cannot enter the classrooms. In order to keep congestion and numbers of people on site down, Kindergarten hours will be modified- 8:40am to 2:35pm, (children released 10mins earlier).

Pre-Primary: Drop-Off We have been very impressed with the independence our Pre-Primary children are showing, by carrying their school bags and learning to unpack and organise possessions. Teachers have noticed that children are separating from parents easier and the start of the school day is calmer. I encourage parents to support this routine by continuing to drop children at the back gate bordering Purley Park. Staff will continue to meet and greet children. If you feel it is needed, you may walk your child to their classroom, but cannot enter the room. Pre-Primary hours remain as normal 8:40am to 2:45pm.

Pick-up: At 2:45pm children will be released from the classroom. Parents are requested to collect their child from the classroom and move out of the school grounds promptly.

Years 1 to 6: Normal school hours 8:40am to 2:45pm. I encourage families to stickto the current drop off/pick up arrangements. Children are now familiar with the gate drop off routine and are responsibly managing unpacking bags and organising themselves for the start of the school day. Teachers are noting that they have more time to greet/interact with children in the morning, children are more independent and lessons are starting promptly.

Purley Park gate, T4 back gate and the Chinese Room gate will be opened for drop off from 8:30am to 8:55am and for pick up from 2:45pm to 2:55pm. Parents may escort children to class but not enter the classrooms.

You can:

  • Be on the school site for drop off (between 8:30am and 8:40am) and pick up (from 2:45pm – 2:55pm) purposes. Please move out of the school grounds promptly.
  • Contact your child’s teacher (email, Connect, phone) to organise a mutually agreeable meeting time.
  • Phone or email the school office to request a meeting on the site during school hours.

You cannot:

  • Enter classrooms at drop off or pick up (or at any time unless it is a pre-organised meeting).
  • Have an impromptu 1 on 1 meeting with your child’s teacher.
  • Stay with your child on the site for an extended period of time (please try to limit your time on the school site).
  • Remain on the school site after drop off or pick up
  • Use the equipment (including playgrounds on site) before or after school. We have a cleaning regime in place that needs to be adhered to.

Are there any other changes I should be aware of?

  • Virtual assemblies will continue.
  • School Choir and Band before and after school sessions will resume.
  • P&C and the School Board can now meet on the school site.
  • Modified faction cross country will be run (more information to come).

In anticipation of your support and understanding I thank you.


Lyn Macauley