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Semester 2 Student Reports

Dear parents/carers

I want to thank you again for your support throughout what has been a very unusual school semester.  The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our entire community and has presented us with extraordinary challenges in managing schooling during the first half of 2020.  I am pleased that together, we have been able to make the best of this situation and ensure your child’s safety and continuity of learning.

With the regular attendance of many students being lower over this time, the breadth and depth of the curriculum covered throughout Semester 1 may have been reduced.  For this reason, schools are not required to include A to E grades on this year’s Semester 1 student reports.  It also means that your child’s attendance may not be reported, and any written comments may provide less information on their progress than usual.  Semester 1 student reports will be available on Connect later today.

Schooling is once again returning to normal and our students are engaging in the regular curriculum, in their usual classroom environment.  Semester 2 reports will reflect this and therefore provide the usual, more detailed information on your child’s progress and achievement.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as we work together to provide the best learning opportunities for our students. As we progress, I’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new information.

Kind regards

Lyn Macaulay


Parent update 05/06/2020

I want to thank and congratulate everyone for your support in following the COVID guidelines and processes we have had in place this term. Together, we have been able to make the best of this situation and ensure your child’s safety and continuity of learning.

At Bannister Creek we averaged 92% attendance this week.

All students are expected to attend school unless they are unwell or have a medical certificate.

As you may be aware the  State Government has relaxed further restrictions and progressed to Phase 3 of the WA Roadmap to recovery. In line with the latest Health advice current Western Australian Public School Term 2 arrangements have been reviewed.

One of the changes is that parents / carers and visitors may come on to school sites to attend pre-arranged meetings and for drop off and pick up purposes from Monday 8 June. (This should be limited to a maximum of 100 people with physical distancing of one person per 2 square metres and good hygiene practices applied).

What does that mean for me as a parent / carer at Bannister Creek PS?

Kindergarten: Children are to be dropped-off and picked-up from the Kindergarten classroom using the front gate bordering the Early Childhood car park. Parents cannot enter the classrooms. In order to keep congestion and numbers of people on site down, Kindergarten hours will be modified- 8:40am to 2:35pm, (children released 10mins earlier).

Pre-Primary: Drop-Off We have been very impressed with the independence our Pre-Primary children are showing, by carrying their school bags and learning to unpack and organise possessions. Teachers have noticed that children are separating from parents easier and the start of the school day is calmer. I encourage parents to support this routine by continuing to drop children at the back gate bordering Purley Park. Staff will continue to meet and greet children. If you feel it is needed, you may walk your child to their classroom, but cannot enter the room. Pre-Primary hours remain as normal 8:40am to 2:45pm.

Pick-up: At 2:45pm children will be released from the classroom. Parents are requested to collect their child from the classroom and move out of the school grounds promptly.

Years 1 to 6: Normal school hours 8:40am to 2:45pm. I encourage families to stickto the current drop off/pick up arrangements. Children are now familiar with the gate drop off routine and are responsibly managing unpacking bags and organising themselves for the start of the school day. Teachers are noting that they have more time to greet/interact with children in the morning, children are more independent and lessons are starting promptly.

Purley Park gate, T4 back gate and the Chinese Room gate will be opened for drop off from 8:30am to 8:55am and for pick up from 2:45pm to 2:55pm. Parents may escort children to class but not enter the classrooms.

You can:

  • Be on the school site for drop off (between 8:30am and 8:40am) and pick up (from 2:45pm – 2:55pm) purposes. Please move out of the school grounds promptly.
  • Contact your child’s teacher (email, Connect, phone) to organise a mutually agreeable meeting time.
  • Phone or email the school office to request a meeting on the site during school hours.

You cannot:

  • Enter classrooms at drop off or pick up (or at any time unless it is a pre-organised meeting).
  • Have an impromptu 1 on 1 meeting with your child’s teacher.
  • Stay with your child on the site for an extended period of time (please try to limit your time on the school site).
  • Remain on the school site after drop off or pick up
  • Use the equipment (including playgrounds on site) before or after school. We have a cleaning regime in place that needs to be adhered to.

Are there any other changes I should be aware of?

  • Virtual assemblies will continue.
  • School Choir and Band before and after school sessions will resume.
  • P&C and the School Board can now meet on the school site.
  • Modified faction cross country will be run (more information to come).

In anticipation of your support and understanding I thank you.


Lyn Macauley


How to access your child’s report in Connect

· Log into Connect, either the App or website.

· Click the Connect icon on the top left hand side of your screen.

· Go to My Children.

· Choose your child’s name.

· Click on the three parallel lines/Overview (may be different on different devices).

· Go to Reports.

· Choose Semester 1 – Bannister Creek Primary School.

· Open File.

Semester reports stay on Connect permanently.  They can be accessed when required, however, we recommend that you save the report to your own computer or print out a hard copy for your records.

Parking: Kiss and Drop (Pick-Up Set-Down) Zone

A reminder to follow the signs and keep our children safe.  A detailed parking map is included in  in this newsletter.  Parents are requested to not park in the designated Staff and Visitors car parks.  If you have older children, consider using the Kiss and Drop zone, parking in the Woodford Park car park or collecting your child five minutes later to avoid the congestion. 

The Kiss and Drop zone is a drop off or collection point only.  Parents/Carers cannot park and wait for students.  At the end of the day, if your child/children are not waiting, parents need to drive on around Purley Crescent then return for a second collection attempt. This allows traffic to flow, reducing congestion and frustration.

Safety around schools is a high priority for the City of Canning Ranger and Community Safety Services.  Officers have resumed rotational parking patrols at all schools in the district.  They may issue infringement notices to the drivers of vehicles found to be in breach of parking laws. 

Kind Regards

Lyn Macauley


Term 2 Update

Dear parent/carers

 Just a few reminders before school resumes tomorrow.

Families who are choosing the home learning option should have received the online learning packages, via Seesaw, by 12pm today; or collected hard copies from the table outside the school office.

If parents have NOT contacted us with requests for home learning packages, then we are assuming that children are returning to school for face to face learning on Wednesday 29 April.

If you want a home learning package and have not received one please contact the school on [email protected]  or ring the school office on 93660900.

Students who attend school will be taught in their own classroom by their class teacher, following the normal class timetable. School hours will be as normal- 8:40am to 2:45pm;

Children returning must:

  • have a drink bottle filled with water;
  • bring recess and lunch food.

The greatest risk of transmission in the school environment is between adults. It is of utmost importance that teachers, school staff and parents alike maintain physical distancing between themselves and each other at school.

Parents and visitors must drop students at specified gates and not enter the school grounds. Limited school gates will be open from 8:30am. Children will be met at the gate by school staff and guided to classrooms where class teachers will be waiting to greet students.

Parents are requested to email or ring the school office with questions or concerns. Please do not attend the front office unless you have made an appointment.


If you have any questions regarding the Schools response to COVID 19 or would like to raise any issues with any item in this update, please contact me personally.

Phone: 93660900

Email: [email protected]

Kind regards

Lyn Macauley Principal

Term 2 Information

In Term 2, Bannister Creek Primary School will be delivering distance education to students using the Seesaw application.

Over the next 2 days, parents will receive an email with instructions on how to set up the See Saw app and the code to login. 

On Wednesday, we will be trialing our distance education model.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear parents and carers

I would like to share with you some current information on the school’s response to the COVID-19 situation.

Bannister Creek Primary is remaining alert, but not alarmed.

The following information is being shared regularly with our students:

  • Frequently washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, or using an alcohol-based hand gel
  • Refraining from touching mouth and nose
  • If coughing or sneezing, covering your nose and mouth with a paper tissue or flexed elbow.
  • Dispose of the tissue immediately after use.

In regards to international travel, if any student or family member travels from or transits through the countries listed below, please notify the school upon your return.

To support these messages, I have initiated daily inspections of all toilets on the school site, to ensure they are being kept clean with ample supplies of soap and disposable hand towel.

Higher Risk Moderate Risk
Can attend school, but self-monitor Can attend school, but self-monitor
Italy Cambodia
Must isolate for 14 days prior to attending Hong Kong
Mainland China Indonesia (including Bali)
Iran Japan
Republic of Korea Singapore

Further information is available at or the health direct helpline on 1800 020 080 for more information on the virus and its symptoms.

I will continue to provide the school community with information as it becomes available.


Travis Miller

2020 Student return date

We hope you have all had a safe and happy holiday.  Just a reminder to parents/carers that students return to Bannister Creek PS on Monday 3rd February, 2020.
Class lists will be posted in the windows of the School Library on Friday 31st January, after 9:30am.

From The Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members

With only 6 days of term left, we are busy preparing for our traditional end of year events. On Monday 16th December at 9:30am, our Year 6 Graduation Ceremony will be held in the Undercover Area.  This will be followed by the evening dinner/dance at Tomkins-On-Swan.  On Tuesday 17th December, the Semester 2 Student Reports will be sent out to parents via Connect.  If you have not yet accessed Connect, you will need to activate your password, please see information on Page 4 of this newsletter.  On Wednesday 18th December at 9:00am, all families are invited to attend our Year 1 to 5 Award Presentation Assembly where class awards are presented and our instrumental music students showcase their skills.  A highlight will be the performance of the Bannister Creek School Band.  Our final goodbye to the Year 6’s students will be held at the Super Draw Assembly, Thursday at 2:10pm.

Last Monday, our Pre-Primary and Year 1 students commenced swimming lessons.  It’s great to see their excitement and enjoyment in the lessons.  Staff have been very impressed with the responsible attitude that students have shown managing changing, travelling on buses and  following instructions from swimming teachers.

2020 Teaching Staff Changes

I wish to acknowledge and thank our fixed term, part time teaching staff for their ongoing support and commitment this year. They have often stepped in with short notice and worked hard to ensure a smooth transition for students. Thank you to Mrs Sasha Findlay, Mrs Naomi Hinchcliffe and Mrs  Bianca Zall-Ilahi.  Your contribution to our school and staff team have been valued.  We hope your support will continue in the future.

Some of our permanent teaching staff are not returning:

Mrs Kerrie Bright: will be taking leave in 2020 to study.

Mrs Justine McDonald: is preparing for the imminent birth of her baby and will take leave for the year.

Mrs Margaret Elstermann: has been on leave for several years and is now retiring at the end of this year.

Mrs Rana Nazar: has been on extended leave and has made the decision to resign her position at BCPS.

Mrs Judith Annan: retired early in 2019.

Mrs Cathy Harrison: will be taking Long Service Leave (LSL) in Term 1 2020.

And finally… I will not be returning next year, I’m taking LSL then transitioning to retirement. 

After 43 years in education, I believe it is time for a change in lifestyle and to re-focus on family, friends and leisure. I have loved the last 6 years as Principal of this great school.  I’m so proud of the community culture of involvement and support that we have built. 

Our students inspire me every day, it is rewarding to see their engagement,  joy in learning and outstanding achievements.  I’m particularly proud of the gains we have made in building student leadership opportunities and giving students a voice in their education.  I value the huge parent support base that make whole school events such memorable celebrations.  It has been such a pleasure to work with our School Board and P&C as they strive to add value for our students and school community.  We are fortunate to have such a professional, committed staff team who collaboratively support each other and continually give so much of their time and care to ensure the best outcome for our students and families. This positive focus on relationships contributes to the welcoming, friendly vibe that is embedded in the BCPS culture. 

Thank you everyone for your support.  Bannister Creek Primary School will always hold a special place in my heart.

Kind Regards,
Lyn Macauley