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P & C News


At the end of Term 2, the P&C held a school disco and introduced the dragonfly cafe. The disco was a huge success and enjoyed by all. The Dragonfly Cafe was the P&C’s pop up cafe which offered parents a place to relax and wait for their children. The Dragonfly Cafe will make its next appearance at the sports carnival this term.
We would like to thank Chestmore Sounds and Top Cut Butchers who kindly
donated their time and produce for the disco. As a school community, we raised
close to $3000! I would like to thank you you all for your time, help and support.


We are asking all students to collect as many silver coins as possible and place them into the container in their classroom. Each classroom will be trying to collect as many coins as they can. The class who raises the highest amount will win a fabulous prize!
The challenge will begin on Monday 24th July & finish on Friday, 4th August. The winning classroom will be announced at the assembly on Wednesday 9th August, so start collecting and good luck!


The Buzz Bar Canteen has received a revamp with a fabulous new look logo, menu & signage. I would like to thank Lucy Boyce & Adam Connelly who made this happen.
Alicia, P&C Association President


This term, we have a new look menu with some slight changes including some necessary price increases. We are also introducing our ‘Monday Specials’, exciting and delicious menu items available for 2 Mondays in a row (these items will change every two weeks and cost $4). ‘Stuffed Spuds’ will be available for Weeks 2 & 3. You should have received a new menu along with the list of ‘Monday Specials’ at the end of last term. If not, please click here.
LOL’s are no longer available, there will be a new alternative called Glee, which like LOL’s are 99% fruit juice that is carbonated and comes in a can. The flavours are: Tropical, Blackcurrant and Raspberry. As well as the new look menu, we have a new look canteen with a fantastic looking sign and menu boards, not to mention the groovy aprons and hats to match. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.
Thank you for all your support
Georgina, Canteen Manager

P & C News


The disco will be held this Friday 23rd June in the School Undercover Area. Tickets will be available at the door, $5 per child.

Session times are as follows: 

Kindy/Pre-Primary: 4:00 to 5:00pm  Years1-3: 5:30 to 7:00pm  Years 4-6: 7:30 to 9:00pm

There will be items and treats to purchase on the night at the canteen, so remember to send your child with some money. Parents are welcomed to stay in the Undercover Area with their child or to go and relax while they wait at the Dragonfly Cafe. The Dragonfly Cafe is a pop up cafe where parents can relax and socialise. There will be tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soft drinks, cakes & biscuits. The cafe will also be selling sausage sizzles and slushies (to be consumed outside only). You can purchase these for yourself, or your child, before or after their session. Hope to see you all there !!!!!!


During Weeks 2 & 3 next term, we are holding a Silver Change Bucket Fundraiser. A coin bucket will be placed in each classroom, students are asked to collect as many silver coins as they can and put them into their room’s bucket. This will be a competition between classes to see who can raise the most money, the winning classroom will receive a wonderful prize. Start collecting those silver coins ready for our Term 3 challenge!


We are seeking a volunteer to take on the role of P&C Treasurer in 2018. The Treasurer is part of the Executive Committee and is in charge of the Association’s financial affairs, including all invoicing, payments, payroll, tax statements etc. The new volunteer needs to have book keeping experience. By nominating now, the new volunteer will have the remaining 2 terms of 2017 to work with the current Treasurer and ‘learn the ropes’. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me on 0427 342 029 or email [email protected].  Every question or concern will be treated with confidentiality & professionalism. I, along with the other Committee Members, would like to thank all of the staff, parents and school community who have donated their time, goods, services and efforts in supporting us through Terms 1 & 2.

Alicia Brown, P&C Association President


Thank you to all my wonderful volunteers this fortnight: Ros, Sara, Vanessa, Dianne, Jodie, and Kerry. We always welcome new volunteers, if you are able to spare some time to help out in the canteen, please come in and see me or give me a call, there’s plenty of room left on next term’s roster. There will be a new look Canteen Menu for Term 3 with some slight changes. Also commencing in Term 3 are our ‘Monday Specials!!’ These will be exciting and delicious menu items available for 2 Mondays in a row (these items will change every two weeks). Hot beef and gravy rolls will be available for Weeks 1 & 2 of next term, YUM!! The list of specials, along with the new menu, will be handed out next week. On the last day of term, Friday 30th June, our End of Term treat will be a Hotdog and a Poptop for $5. Please return the order form, with payment, to the P&C Box in the Front Office or to the Canteen by Wednesday 28th June. Please Note: LOL drinks are no longer available. Look out for the new option next term. Have a great holiday, I look forward to seeing your smiling faces in Term 3.

Thank you for all your support,

Georgina Burrowes, Canteen Manager

P & C News


Don’t miss out on purchasing your 2017/18 Entertainment Book. Follow the link below to order: orderbooks/875b46


The School Disco will be held on Friday 23rd June, tickets will cost $5 per child. Tickets will be on sale, outside the Library, from Thursday 15th June to Tuesday 20th June, between 8:15am & 9:15am. Tickets can also be purchased by completing the order form that will be sent home shortly. Please return the form and money to the P&C box in the Front Office (please enclose the correct cash as change is not available. Payment cannot be made by EFTPOS). Spare forms will be available from the Front Office. There will be popcorn, fairy floss, glow items, slushies & treats available for the children to purchase on the night. We haven’t forgotten about the parents! This year, the Dragonfly Cafe will be at school for the disco so parents can have a coffee/tea sweet treats, sausage sizzle & drinks while they are waiting. See you at the Disco!

Alicia, P&C Association President


Thank you to all my wonderful volunteers this fortnight: Sara, Kirby, Vanessa, Ros, Jodie & Liesl. Volunteers are always needed. If you can spare a little time to help out, please come and see me at the canteen or give me a call. If you haven’t already heard from your excited children, we are now trialling Froyo2go frozen yoghurt (from the store at Carousel). We have Chocolate and Cotton Candy, $2.50 a tub, available at lunchtimes. During Term 3, we will be doing fortnightly lunch specials on a Monday, stay tuned for what will be available in the new exciting BC Buzz Bar menu.

Thank you for all your support.

Georgina, Canteen Manager

P & C News


I hope you all had a enjoyable and relaxing Mother’s Day. We would like to say a BIG ‘Thank you’ for all the wonderful donations for the Mother’s Day Stall, with the whole school community support we raised over $3,400 which is just amazing!
I would like to thank the Fundraising Team who made this event such a great success. The Bannister Creek P&C would also like to thank the businesses below who kindly donated fabulous gifts & vouchers for the raffles and silent auction.


Entertainment Books are back and have fabulous offers this year.
Every family will receive a copy of the Entertainment Book (unless an opt out form has been returned to the office). If you wish to purchase the book, please return your payment to the Front Office by 16th June. If you do not wish to purchase the book, return it to school.
You can also order the Entertainment Book online through the following link:
There is a sample copy at the Front Office, if anyone would like to see which vouchers are available this year. Gemma, 0417 992 056, has some copies for sale now, if anyone wants one asap!!!!


Our next event will be a School Disco to be held on Friday 23rd June. Please mark the date on your calendar, further information will be out soon.


Remember Thursday is School Banking day. When you send your child to school with a deposit, you are also helping fundraise for the school.
Alicia, P&C Association President


Thank you to all my wonderful volunteers this fortnight: Sara, Kirby, Vanessa, Ros, Shanti, Jodie, Dianne and Kerry.
We are in need of volunteers for Wednesdays and Fridays, if you can spare any time on either of these days, please come in and see me at the canteen.
Please note Vegie Chips are no longer available as they are now classified as a red item in the traffic light system.
Thank you for all your support
Georgina, Canteen Manager

Canteen News

Thank you to all my wonderful volunteers this fortnight: Sara, Kerry, Ossy, Ros, Shanti and Sharon.
Sushi is available every Friday until the end of term, orders MUST be placed by Wednesday.
We’re always looking for new volunteers in the canteen. If you have any spare time and would like to help, please come and see me in the canteen, Monday, Wednesday or Friday.
Thank you for your support
Georgina, Canteen Manager

P & C News

Hello, first term is well and truly in full swing and so is the new P&C Committee. We can’t wait to tell you all about the exciting things happening at school.
We have our first fundraiser, a sausage sizzle and cake stall, at the school on Saturday 11th March for the State Election.
We would love donations of a cake or some of your time to help on the stall. Please contact Gemma Reeve at [email protected] if you can help in any way.
Thank you all for the questionnaires that were returned and the wonderful input regarding what all our families would like to see. I would like to tell you all personally that we will be definitely taking all your suggestions on board.
School Banking will commence on Thursday 16th March, apologies for the long delay getting that up and running. Thank you to our new School Banking volunteers.
The P&C have a Facebook page to keep you informed of upcoming P&C activities and fundraisers. Please facebook search Bannister Creek P&C Association and join us.
We are always looking for more members, feel free to attend our next meeting on Monday 13th March at 7:30pm in the
staff room.

Canteen News

Thank you to all my wonderful volunteers this fortnight: Sara, Vanessa, Sinead, Ros, Shanti, Jodie, Shauna, Masako, Ossy and Dianne.
Don’t forget Sushi is available every Friday this term, but orders MUST in by Wednesday.
Thank you for your support.
Georgina, Canteen Manager

P&C News


We would like to introduce you all to the 2017 Office Bearers for the Parents & Citizen
Association of Bannister Creek Primary School.
 President: Alicia Brown
 Vice President: Andre Vaisey
 Secretary: Le’Anne Charlton
 Treasurer: Tania Shannon
We wish to thank the outgoing committee members for their hard work and commitment to the students at Bannister Creek PS.
We, as a committee, feel strongly about listening to the school community. Please make sure you fill out the questionnaire that went home at the start of the week. Completing this anonymous questionnaire will give the committee an understanding of what the school community expects from their P & C Association.
We are always looking for new members, so feel free to come to the next general meeting on Monday 13th March at 7:30pm in the staff room. Everyone is welcome.


The P&C are looking for a School Banking Coordinator. If you are willing to take on this role for the 2017 School Year, please contact the Front Office. Training will be provided.

Canteen News

Thank you to all my wonderful volunteers this fortnight – Sara, Alissa, Vanessa, Jodie, Nicole, Tammy, Gemma, Michelle, Roz and Masako.
The last canteen day for this year will be Wednesday, 14th December. There will be a ‘Special Treat’ lunch; order forms will be sent home early next week.
The canteen will be closed on Friday 9th December, due to the Year 6 Graduation event. Please remember to pack your child’s lunch on this day.
Thank you for your support
Georgina, Canteen Manager

P & C News

Canteen News

Thank you to all my wonderful volunteers this fortnight: Sara, Vanessa, Jodie, Ros, Sharron, Masako, Tammy, Gemma, Sinead and Michelle.
Volunteer numbers have started to get a bit low, please let me know if you have time to assist for the remainder of this year. I have started planning for next year. If you would like to volunteer for 2017, please contact me at the canteen.
Thank you for your support,
Georgina, Canteen Manager

Christmas Market Donations:

We are looking for donations of second hand uniforms as well as second hand children’s books for our upcoming Christmas Market. All donations are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off at the front office.

Christmas Market Helpers:

In order to make the market an incredible event for our school, we need your help. We are looking for volunteers to help us out on the day. If you are able to help please email us at [email protected] or find the volunteer link on our P&C Association page on Facebook.
Keep the Date: The Christmas Market will be held on Saturday 27th November 2016.

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle:

Thank you to the school community for their support at the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle. A BIG thank you to the Year 5 parent volunteers who helped on the day. Your help was greatly appreciated. The day went really well and we have raised $965.80 towards the 2017 Year 6 camp!!