Our staff is committed and responsive to student needs. Our learning program combines quality academic programs, a range of creative arts, a focus on Science and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The staff profile includes a Performing Arts (music) teacher, a Visual Arts specialist teacher, a Physical Education specialist, a Languages other than English (Mandarin) teacher, a teacher to provide support with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and a staff member to coordinate the Students at Educational Risk program.  The school also has an English as Additional Language / Dialect  teacher dedicated to supporting students who have English as a second language.


First Name Surname Position
Lynnette Macauley Principal
Travis Miller Deputy Principal
Andi Hill Deputy Principal
Dianne Ridley Manager Corporate Operations
Grace Edson School Officer
Christine Steel School Officer
Robyne Williams School Officer

Teaching Staff

First Name Surname Position
Sally Ashlin Teacher
Kim Addison Teacher
Judith Annan Teacher
Marianne Beales Teacher
Louise Barlow Teacher
Kerrie Bright Teacher
Maree Byrne Teacher
Lauren Benwell Teacher
Colleen Doak-Blight Teacher
Lea Doran Teacher
Margaret Elstermann Teacher
Bronwyn Carey Teacher
Erin Riedel Teacher
Cathy Harrison Teacher
Marcia Hurae Teacher – Art
Kailee Marshall Teacher – Music
Alicia Lilly Teacher – Junior Science
Jeremy Mack Teacher / ICT Support
Sue Clark Support Teacher
Rana Nazar EAL/D Teacher
Candice Nikellys Teacher
Priscilla Prince Teacher – LOTE
Rob Robson Teacher
Cheryl Rooney LSC
Prue Rowlands Teacher – Phys Ed
Annabelle Perkins Teacher
Bev Smith Teacher
Naomi Hinchcliffe Teacher
Sarah Ditchburn Teacher
Kylee Steed Teacher
Jullie Forward Teacher
Cassandra Stewart Teacher
Julie Stone Teacher
Morgan Taylor Teacher
Christine Thomas Teacher
Paula Wiley Teacher
 Katie Precious  Teacher

Education Assistants

First Name Surname Position
 Naomi Jenkinson  Ed Assistant
Marion Higgins Special Needs
Pat Branche Ed Assistant
Tricia Clark Ed Assistant
Elaine Choo Guided Reading
Duhee Hettiarachi Ed Assistant
Sue Linnegar Special Needs
 Dawn Rivers  Ed Assistant
Carol Munro Ed Assistant
Brooke Holland Ed Assistant
Tania Shannon Guided Reading
Michelle Wheaten Ed Assistant
Lilian Williams Special Needs
 Gina  Waller  Special Needs

Non Teaching Staff

First Name Surname Position
Tanja Pope Library Officer
Helen Bretherton Library Officer
Sharon Bowdidge Cleaner
Rick Jaworski Gardener
Priya Ramu School Psych
Jay Jay Komakech  Chaplain
Maria Godwell Dental Therapy
Emerlita Monks Cleaner In Charge
Wayne McNamara  AIEO
Corriene van Halteren Cleaner In Charge
Daena Wheadon Cleaner
Lillibeth  Dato Cleaner
 Karl  Schicker  Technical Support Officer