Student Services

 Student Services Information 2016


Lyn Macauley – Principal

Andi Hill – Deputy Principal  

Joyce Tong  – School Psychologist

Cheryl Rooney – Learning Support Coordinator

Rana Nazar – EALD Teacher

Sue Clark – Literacy Support Teacher/Aboriginal Students Support Teacher

Robyn Brown – School/Community Nurse

Jeraldine Komakech – School Chaplain

Wayne McNamara – AIEO

The Student Services Team at Bannister Creek Primary School provides a wide range of services to members of the School Community. The focus varies according to the individual needs of the clients.  A brief summary is outlined.

School Psychologist

The School Psychology Service (SPS) provides a specialist psychological assessment, intervention and consultation service for schools.

The SPS provides support in three main areas:

  • Behaviour; our school psychologist works with students, parents and school staff to identify and change target behaviours at the individual, group and systemic level.
  • Learning; our school psychologist can conduct assessments of students experiencing learning difficulties and/or disabilities at the school. Support is then provided in making appropriate curriculum adjustments for students in order to enhance their learning outcomes.
  • Mental Health and Well-being; our school psychologist can provide support for students experiencing mental health and well-being difficulties through determining the best external agency for support. Assistance is also provided to maximise the development of positive mental health and well-being.

Accessing a School Psychologist

At Bannister Creek Primary School the School Psychologist can be accessed by discussing your concerns firstly with the classroom teacher which then may result in a referral to the Student Services Team (SST). The SST will determine if School Psychologist intervention is required.  A case conference will then be arranged at the school to discuss all concerns.

The School Psychologist works at Bannister Creek Primary School 1.5 days a week, therefore students and families will be prioritised based on the urgency and severity of needs.


Learning Support Coordinator

Our Learning Support Coordinator (LSC) assists staff to develop specific plans for all students with special needs.  The LSC liaises with parents and numerous staff from a wide range of agencies, which provide additional services to students at Bannister Creek Primary School.  The LSC also coordinates the ‘case conference’ meetings when necessary for these students. The LSC works closely with teachers and education assistants to ensure that plans are meeting the requirements of the individual students.


English as an Additional Language/Dialect Teacher

Our trilingual EAL/D Teacher provides a range of support for students from a multicultural background to learn Standard Australian English, from Kindergarten to Year 6.  The EAL/D Teacher is involved in new EAL/D student enrolments, referrals to Intensive English Centres and meets with parents to assist with formal paper-work. New students from overseas are always embraced enthusiastically by the school.

The EAL/D Teacher, with the School Chaplain, coordinates special interest parent sessions twice during each school term; ‘Community Links’.  This information is provided in the Newsletter and everyone is most welcome to attend.

Harmony Day is a significant day of celebration at the school, allowing us to appreciate the many cultures that work together and add a special “flavour” to our school. Students proudly display aspects of their culture.


School Chaplain

Our School Chaplain provides a range of pastoral care services at our Bannister Creek Primary School.  The most significant programs running are social and emotional programs such as Rainbows and Drumbeat. Students are selected to participate in these programs on a needs basis. Not all children require these interventions and it is not compulsory for any child to attend.

Our Chaplain is able to provide one-to-one ‘chat’ sessions for students. Should parents wish to your child visit the Chaplain a referral, pink slip, needs to completed.  These can be collected from the front office or the classrooms.  At times, teachers will ask the Chaplain to speak to a child should they seem distressed when at school.  This support aligns with the Bannister Creek Primary School’s focus on Social and Emotional Learning; Kidsmatter and Act, Belong, Commit.


Aboriginal Islander Education Officer

The Aboriginal Islander Education Officer (AIEO) supports Aboriginal students and families at Bannister Creek Primary School. The AIEO assist teachers in delivering Teaching and Learning Programs, follows–up with any family issues and student attendance. The AIEO is a trained facilitator in Drumbeat and assists the School Chaplain to deliver this program. Each term the AIEO coordinates the Aboriginal Parent Meetings to organise school events; such as NAIDOC, parent BBQs and dinners. A special evening is scheduled in December to celebrate Aboriginal student achievements.


Special Needs Schools Resourcing

Some students present with special needs that require on-going intervention from a range of service providers both within the School and from outside agencies.  This group includes students with disabilities and students with special medical conditions.  Bannister Creek Primary School has an inclusive culture that is welcoming and seeks to meet the needs of these students and their families within our School.


Special Education Need Plans – SEN Plan

Many students at Bannister Creek Primary School work within the parameters of a SEN Plan.  These are in place to assist students in need of additional support and adjustments in any area of the Teaching and Learning Program.  Should your child require a SEN plan, the classroom teacher will contact you to advise of the specific requirements for your child and in consultation with you, a plan will be developed and implemented.


Individual Behaviour Plans – IBPs

A small number of students require additional support with their behavioural requirements within our School setting.  IBPs are formulated with the input of the teacher, student and parent/s.  These plans usually involve a ‘contract’ and special additional contacts with the student and parent/s.  These plans work very well and students usually progress from IBPs to the ‘general’ behaviour plans as outlined for the majority of students at Bannister Creek Primary School after a targeted program has been implemented.

Special Programmes

It is important that parents understand the number of special programs being run at Bannister Creek Primary School.  In the area of pastoral care and mental health and well-being the following are used to varying degrees across the School:

Friendly Schools Plus – One of the most effective means to reduce bullying among young people is to enhance their social and emotional understandings and competencies, in developmentally appropriate ways throughout their schooling.  At Bannister Creek we implement this whole school approach, both formally through explicit classroom pedagogy and learning strategies, and informally through the development of a whole-school culture, organisation and structure.

Kids Matter – a National program dealing with mental health issues.  There is some excellent material available from our LSC for families to use if required.  Bannister Creek Primary School is one of a growing number of Schools participating in this Nationwide program already producing significant positive results.

Schools Volunteers Program – We have a number of students involved in this project.  A child is assigned a special adult who visits the School weekly and spends time with that child.  They chat, play board games or even kick a footy around. They are involved in Teaching and Learning if required by the Classroom Teacher.  (The teacher will demonstrate and instruct what is required to the volunteer before any instruction commences with the child).    All students’ requirements are different and our volunteers are very precious and trained to be involved in this kind of intervention.  (A child cannot be assigned a ‘volunteer’ without parental permission).

Act Belong Commit- As an Act Belong Commit school we actively take every opportunity to encourage good mental health practices across our whole school community.


School / Community Nurse

Your child will be screened by the School Nurse during the year.  No screening is conducted without your consent.  The main focus is on sight and hearing.  Should the Nurse find any worrying issues you will be contacted.   On occasions during the year, the Nurse may contact you regarding a specific issues relating to your child.  A teacher may notice a problem with a health issue and your child. Should this happen, an interview is usually requested to discuss concerns.  Your permission is then sought to have the Nurse ‘check’ the concern and give additional support should it be required.  The Nurse is also able to provide the necessary contacts for specific needs; e.g., referrals to agencies to help a child with speech and or hearing problems.

It is usually possible to meet with the Student Services Facilitator, Mrs Andi Hill.  Please call to arrange a time.

Contact details:

Mrs Andi Hill 

Deputy Principal

9350 9588 during School Office hours


Reference – This document:  Confidential and without prejudice; information for use by parents/guardians of students attending Bannister Creek Primary School.


The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Australian Government Department of Education.


The Chaplaincy project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.